life under the shadow of the valley of death

Monday, October 30, 2006

I want Anorexia!!!!

FUCK!!! this day is so not going right!! i have no money and my mom hates me!!! what am i to do?!?! i honestly don't know...but this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me....and like before all i can do is take the cake. i just have to wait for the time that i have no choice but to face my problems....then i'll just have to wait and see what happens. and if worst comes to worst......what the hell!!! that's nothing new!!! i've had worst experiences!!!

what's ironic is that no matter how many times we go through the same shit, we never get used to it!!! it's ridiculous how we never really seem to learn from our mistakes that we keep commiting them over and over and over again.i'm sick of it really! if i can do something to change this i would. but i can't. so tommorow i'm gonna have to take all the nasty shit that my moms got for me....and i'm gonna feel all hurted and broken all over again.

it's a fucked up world we live in! full of fucked up people! me, my mom, my friends, and anyone who breathes oxygen included.hehe!

this ain't a very nice's actually worst than usual.


i wanna be as thin as a pencil, but still have a great ass!!hehe

toodles, MUTHERFUCKERS!!!!

from HSM to my non-existing lovelife!

just gotta post....even if theres really no point to it.haha!i remember in a previuos post i said i would watch the high school musical movie, and i did. actually it wasnt that bad, it was actually kinda cute. Zac Efron is a cutie, Ashley Tisdale was adorable. Vanessa Ann Hudgens was so-so in the movie. But if you havent heard, she just released a single as Vanessa Hudgens. the songs called "come back to me", its really cool. i love it actually.hehe. i heard she was half-pinay, dont know for sure, but that would be cool.

right now, im listening to one of my favorite songs "bathwater" by no doubt. it reminds me of a lot of things.hehe. just so you know im still in deep shit.hehehe.

let me tell you something very personal. theres this guy i met a few weeks ago. he seemed really nice. i immediately liked him, and then some. well, anyway, i remembered telling a friend of mine something. i told my friend that if ever i found someone that im really interested in, hed be the first to know. and on my friends birthday i told him bout the guy i met. that was a friday. unfortunately, come monday, i found out something about that guy that spoiled all my plans.

well, so much about that. nothing became of it anyway. that guy is just a friend now.huhu. i told you my life was fucked.

now, im still hoping that we could be more than friends.but ive got a life to live. so love isnt a priority right now. more power to me!haha!thats all for now.